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The Death Trap

We’ve moved.

Our 6 mouse traps –  filled with  4 spoons of jam, one jar of honey, a 1/2 kilo of peanuts, countless raisins AND 14 cubes of poison stuffed cheese –  were useless against the insurgent.    Not only would he not  die – he was having himself quite a feast – much to our disgust.

To add to that our house was freezing!  We’d get home at 6pm and jump into bed to stay warm.    Despite blasting the heaters all night, the house refused to warm up.    While I was in Dushanbe on an assignment our only heater in the living room caught on fire.  It was the middle of the night!   Luckily, Persia saw the flames and woke up.   Thankfully, there was no major damage.  But it left our living room wall scorched  and Persia with some disturbing  flashbacks.

The last straw came a couple of nights before I left for Uzbekistan.   The water heater exploded in the middle of the night.   I woke up to use the bathroom and found our electric heater floating in 2 inches of water.  Still plugged in…..

SO we’ve moved out of the death trap and into a lovely Soviet style cement block apartment complete with wall to wall carpeting, central heating (a RARE find) a real kitchen (with a stove and everything!) and a working shower !   I didn’t fully appreciate how bad my living situation was until we moved into the new place.  It’s been a month and I  couldn’t be happier. It’s a pleasure to go home at the end of the day.  Plus, Rachel lives with us now!  An incredible bonus.

Our contracts are up in a month and it’s going by very quickly.   The job hunt is in full swing along with all the anxiety that comes with not knowing your next move….

where to go next..

that’s what I have to figure out this month…….


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