Aspiring world traveler and humanitarian aid worker in training. About to embark on an adventure to Central Asia to intern with an NGO. Excited, terrified and continuously caught off guard by life’s surprises. My plan, like so many before me, is to work my way around the world. First stop: Khorog, Tajikistan (otherwise known as the roof of the world). My job is to monitor and evaluate projects currently underway. And of course, I'll take every opportunity to travel in this fascinating corner of the world. I decided to write this blog, mostly because I love reading them. I've come to really look forward to the ramblings of virtual strangers, living in countries I've always wanted to visit, and sharing their intimate moments, and personal reflections. Following their adventures reminds me of all there is out there waiting to be experienced. Those personal stories have gone a long way in inspiring me to embark on my own adventure. So here it is.

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