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I spent many an hour sitting in my office back in Canada day dreaming about life as a humanitarian aid worker-  travelling around the globe, living in new and interesting places and working with passionate/crazy people from all over the world.      Certainly, as I am learning,  there are also challenges to working in this field –    spending the majority of your life away from friends and family, always on the move with no real base,  constantly falling in love –  with a country, a people, a culture – and having to say good-bye every 6, 12, 24 months to embark on the next adventure.  

Thankfully, there are a lot of great bloggers writing from/about some of  the most fascinating places on earth and sharing their experiences – both good and bad- about working in this field .    Their stories and experiences have been a huge inspiration to me.     So, for those of you who enjoy reading about other people’s adventures, or day dream about embarking on your own –  I thought I’d occassionaly highlight blogs that I lived vicariously through and continue to enjoy reading ;0)

 This week check out:

The Road to the Horizon – the author describes himself as  “a serial expat, addicted traveller, desperate adventurer, wannabe sailor and passionate aid worker”

There are a lot of great posts on this site like this one and this one.  But if you are particularly interested in becoming an aid worker start here.




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